I. How long should I wait for delivery after payment?

We will send you message (exchange map) in game in 5—15 minutes or call you by telephone, then you come to the map, we exchange the game golds or items face to face in game. you can ask full refund if we can’t delivery you in 1 hour.Refund your payments within 24 hours.

II. what i do if someone ask me give back the delivered golds or items?

gtoop will never ask you to return your game currency or items in game, We will always ask you to come on the Live Help to discuss any issue, Do not give away your game golds or items to someone claiming to be gtoop.

III. What I do if i choose the wrong game server during the order?

Please contact our live support.We will convert the game golds amount for your server and delivery as normal.

IV. What I do if i wrote wrong character name during the order?

Please contact our live support, our service will verify your order information and delivry the game golds to your character name what you want.

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